World without digitalisation


I’m gonna talk today about this question. You can say it’s a bad question but just imagine for few minutes how the world will be without all the gadgets we have. No cellphone, no internet, no social network which are omnipresent in our daily lives.

Imagine the same world that our grandparents have known. Was life better ? I try to imagine a simple life. A real life! I’m tired to watch people behind a screen. We look like drug addicts but nobody seems to care about it or even noticed it.

I know that I look like an old senile who has no faith in anything. But imagine how the relation between people was. Simple, pure and mostly plentiful. I dream off such world. I want to change our interaction with our peers. 

According  to many survey people spend more time watching TV than reading. Am I the only one to find this shocking ? I feel like our brains are shrinking from year to another with stupid reality tv show. What annoys me the most in all this is not these wonderful technologies but the use that we make of it. Basically these jewels had a beautiful approach to the world but  humans have proven once again that they can even make paradise a hell. Indeed there is so much violence on the web. We are blinded by superfluous content and we can not even see what happens in the real world. This article is neither a comparison nor a study but a reminder. I want the people who will read this article me to think about these words before sleeping but more importantly i want them to ask themselves the right questions. Because life taught me that we can change things if we have the will

   thank you for reading me and especially do not hesitate to write a comment and we can discuss this together.

Arthur Licoys

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