From sci-fi technology to real-life office

Like Stargate inspired automatic doors in supermarket, plenty of sci-fi movies are trying to imagine how our future technology will looks like. Sciences, travelling, armament, those are the fields that will know the greatest changes. Communication and advertising is part of those too, and this is our specialty here, at GeNESIS.

Now automatic doors may sounds silly in 2019, so let’s have a look at some movies that can serve the next digital revolution. From Minority Report to Her, we may already be in the future that Hollywood is selling to us.

Iron Man (2008 – Now)


Workflow technology improvement

If Tony Stark is often compared to Elon Musk, it is justified. We all know about Iron Man insane user interface that kinda remember the one from Minority Report. Well, it’s actually something that Mr. Musk is working on as a side project. In the future, computer may not be physical object anymore ( Can you imagine the creative team from your agency only working with hands movements on holograms ? That’s a weird thought but not something unrealistic at all. Client presentation would be way more interesting don’t you think ? All the work still need to be done, such as finding solution for gestures overstrain and building an UI that can translate every software into hands gestures, but the technology we are building now can be capable of such things. Everything might became faster this way.

AI Personal assistant

One of the characters we tend to forget in Iron Man is J.A.R.V.I.S, the super-AI that Tony use as a personal assistant.

J.A.R.V.I.S. is somehow what Siri aspire to be. It’s the future of AI. It can think, it can learn, it has his own consciousness and it can talk with you like any human. What if your new co-workers is an AI ? Can you imagine yourself working with someone who isn’t real ? How would it fit in a company ? What’s the risk for the human workers if AI can do anything better and faster ? How much would it affects competitiveness between compagnies ? As fascinating as it can be, the evolution of AI is a real ethical problem to solve, either they are virtual or physical ( i.e. robots ).

Sure it would be helpful but at what price ? The list of question goes on and on, as the list of benefits do. The futurist Ray Kurzweil said that this could be what the world will looks like from 2029 … well we have ten more years left to prepare ourselves.

Total Recall (1990 & 2012)

In Total Recall people have chipset implanted in their hands and whenever they touch certains solid surface it transforms them into interactive display screen. Like portable projector. Is it the smartphone of the future ? A lot of movie are actually showing similar type of technology, but Total Recall was one of the first.

Tech companies are actually working on this type of device. So what does in means ? Well it’s an improvement on how versatile and convenient mobile device can be. Having « implemented smartphone » implicitly means being 24/24 7/7 connected and potentially available for work. Scary.

Tron: Legacy (2010)

In Tron, particles ( i.e. humans ) are taken from real life and digitalized into a video game and then go back to real life. It’s like traveling into machines, turns our body and our mind into data. Sounds impossible right ?

Well, since the movie came out, quantum computing and particles teleportation have been created. So now, even if we may won’t see it happens in our lifetime, it’s conceivable. The process for teleportation would likely involve sending the particle information into the computer, while the hydrogen and oxygen stays in the real world. Scientists at the Kavil Institute of Nanoscience Delft have said they successfully teleported quantum information stored in one diamond into another about three meters away. ( ) What does it means ? I honestly can tell but it sounds like progress. Wait and see.

What would it change in our field ? Just imagine using this technology in our everyday advertising. It’s a whole new field of creativity.

What should we expect ?

What’s sure is that a new digital revolution is about to come in the next decade. We can even ask ourselves if sci-fi movie will evolve as fast as real-life. Progress in science and technology have been huge for the past few years.

See, if we get out of Hollywood’s screen for a moment and look at SpaceX, they are working on transportations such as the Hyperloop or the BFR to be able to cross country in a few minutes and even the world. Those things can totally change the way we work and the way we communicate. From a morning meeting in Tokyo to a shoot in Italy the afternoon, the notions of time and border would be totally off. How the labor market will evolve in a world like that ? How advertising agency will evolve if they can hit from anywhere in the globe? I let you think about that.


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