The 4 factors evolution

         In this article, we are going to talk about digital transformation management : technology evolution modifies four factors of it. Thus, we are going to decrypt them.

       In fact, like it was explained on the other articles, a lot of things has changed since the beginning of the digital technology evolution. It can be useful and good ones, but it can also be dangerous for the populations and workers.

The four factors :

  • Speed : To begin with, everything evolves very fast. We can quote the market, the competitions, the habits and the tendencies. Decisions have to be made quickly and they have to stay good ones. We must learn how to keep a good timing without rushing and changing of ideas all the time.
  • Choice process : We have to get used quickly. By this I want to say that we have to know how to adjust ourselves. Indeed, even if the human conduct is not changing all the time like a few softwares, we have to do this. It is important to direct actions and learnings according to operations.
  • Communication and exchanges : It becomes essential between some people. Indeed, working in team and having a network helps to work in a more effective way. Also, collective intelligence helps to accomplish very well-done actions in response to extern solicitations.
  • Factors of scale and diffusion of the information : These ones are very appropriate to the numeric economy and to the sharing economy. It helps to gather and to deal with all kinds of informations. Also, it provides a very big source of power. Someone who holds the information may be seen as powerful. He might be seen as a dangerous person. As a matter of fact, we have to take advantage of these news without getting lost in the middle of it, and without putting forward a surplus of infos.

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written by Clara Errera

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