What would a day be like without the evolution of digital technology ?

Let’s start with our nights that would be possible without info alerts, but illuminated by the flashing numbers of a Radio Réveil! The « Fear of missing out » would not invade us from the very first minutes of our awakening. We would be satisfied with some general information launched from our radio.

The journey to work would be more peaceful, cerebrally speaking because we would not receive hundreds of information by e-mail. During the night or early morning, this prevents us from experiencing a creative brain wandering, allowing us to dream. In the subway, no more podcasts, only music or a good novel would accompany us. We would be less emotionally impacted by the fake news disclosed without any hindsight or analysis.

There is no way to go out without a plan in your pocket because GPS would no longer exist. If you need to anticipate to make an appointment, it will no longer be possible to send a WhatsApp to inform you of our delay. We will have to ask people for directions or take the time to make a phone call to explain the reason for an impediment.

Face-to-face communication will be more important and will make relationships more humane. No more Tinder and other dating sites, no more hiding behind a nickname, or creating a personality and lying about your looks. We will have to meet the other, learn to communicate again with words and not with words typed on a keyboard.  We will develop dialogue, looks, smiles and we will be vigilant about the tone used to convey messages.

Everything would require more time and organization. Buying a flight ticket would no longer be a one-click process, but would require a certain amount of anticipation. No more impulsive purchases, no more unnecessary expenses.

But one of the biggest changes would probably be the degree of concentration. Less zapping, more focus on the subject at hand. No more « right now ». We’d learn patience again. Bye bye bye Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail. How much time saved by getting closer to others and forgetting to care for a day, about our image published on the net.

However, is this step backwards conceivable? The world is moving too fast, it is no longer possible to slow it down and we will continue, like 78% of the French, to connect a few minutes before going to bed. Digital detox centres will be a hit to relearn how to live without a connection.


Louise Fuchs

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