The Black Mirror Experience : how is our digitalized world going to change ?

Since the last few years, Black Mirror has been considered as one of the most phenomenal TV show. It affects people way of thinking more than we could imagine. The stories are all as original as each other and present different aspects of life. It represents the digital changes and the way it is going to affect us.

But the real question is : which things are going to be affected ?

We are going to make a three points presentation, according tothe  Black Mirror ideas and representation.


How can we imagine our world according to the Blackmirror episodes ?


  1. Black Mirror shows that gigital is going to make people look more and more hypocrite.


If you are a fan of the Blackmirror TV show, you must have seen the Nosedive episode (3.1) and if you have not… Well, you should. In a few words, this is the story of a young woman, living in a world where eveyone has to note everyone according to their acts, smiles, way to talk, and so one. And all these « golden stars » are giving an access to a better life. To put it in a nutshell, the highest score you have, the biggest opportunities you can have access to. Furthermore, you can live a better life.

Nowadays, this type of note only exist on the internet with Tripadvisor or Google but in a few years, in a few minutes, this will absolutely be our day-to-day. What we will call courtesy of sympathy, will just be a necessary thing.

In an enterprise, no one will be able to give their own ideas in front of their superiors. Imagine taking the risk of losing some points because of one « wrong » idea, or something that people will take as something bad ? It will be too stressful. Perhaps what we usally call audacity and tenacity will be seen as an anormal things for some people, and force them to punish these kind of people.


  1. We will always know and see everything. People will no longer have secrets.


Remember Shut Up and Dance, Crocodile or Archangel ?

Well, if you have seen all of it, you know that internet and the future technologies will force us to act perfectly because we will always be watched – by our parents, our boss, our friends… Everyone. We shall be without any defaults, and be contrain not to make any mistakes. We shall be fake.

  1. Things will always evolve in a way we don’t expect it to. It will always be surprising.


There is nothing more to say than this. According to our beliefs, the digital evolution will have a different aspect which can be really optimist or pessimist.


From my point of view and according to the Blackmirror scenarios we will loose all of our independance and our personnality. Not only we will create robots but we will become some. Everyone could be able to see us and judge us at every single moment of our day.

The role of a a manager will entierly change : i twill only have to Survey his employees, who will do exactly what he want because they could be judged at every moment.

They will not have the right anymore to work and live freely, because if some people can be nice and understanding, some poeple wont.


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